Gregorij von Leitis


by Oskar Zemme
World-Premiere on December 11, 1993;
Theaterkeller des Landestheaters Linz / Austria
as free-lance guest director
Premiere on the occasion of the opening of the rehearsal stage on February 7, 1995,
Landestheater Vorarlberg Bregenz / Austria

Neues Volksblatt: “Here, in the stage monologue of a woman who was once an actress, but who has subordinated her entire life to her role as a mother, Maria Ott surpasses herself in the wonderful character direction of guest director Gregorij von Leïtis. The collaboration of two fine-nerved personalities, aware of their artistic responsibility, has resulted in a great evening of theater.”

Salzburger Nachrichten: “Gregorij von Leïtis has staged this play with many quiet overtones and yet left breathing room for pointed, aggressive soliloquies.”

Vorarlberger Nachrichten: “Subtle opening of rehearsal stage ” – “Gregorij von Leïtis is not a director who counts on punchlines, he even lets some things be overplayed, makes ‘Maria’ a quiet reckoning.”