Gregorij von Leitis

Art is a Prayer
by Gregorij von Leïtis
Art is a prayer for me, remembered, repeated,
Renewed by every confrontation
In the subway, on the street, in the endless waiting places.
I hear their voices, see their faces:
Segregated, cut off, alone.
(photo: Anne Coersmeier)
In this so-called age of communication,
when sound bites pass for information
And information for wisdom
It is more difficult than ever to understand our own lives.
But in our increasing isolation and loneliness,
We are in danger of becoming a voiceless society.
And I remember other voices silenced,
Singled out, deported, murdered.
(photo: Lothar Lenzen)
My prayer is music, theatre and spectacle,
To address the burning questions
Through the arts we can confront the lasting impact of genocide
Racism, famine, torture, AIDS.
Through the arts we can examine the unbearable,
address the inexpressible.
(photo: Letizia Mariotti)
As artists we have the same opportunity
As parents who educate the eyes and ears of a child.
To teach art as life and life as art
To those who long for wholeness.
What better place than this to start the healing?
This community dedicated to the arts.
Raise your voices, paint your faces
Curtain’s rising. Take your places.