Gregorij von Leitis

The Emperor of Atlantis

Opera by Viktor Ullmann
Opening Night on September 15, 1998;
Miller Theater at Columbia University, New York City
Preview Performances on September 2 and 3, 1998;
the Peter B. Lewis Theatre, Guggenheim Museum New York City
with Elysium – between two continents

New York Times: “From the Doomed, an Ode to Life“– “This production provided a chance to hear a deeply affecting opera. And what a stunning way to deliver a timeless message: meaningless slaughter is an insult not only to life but also to death; only by respecting death can we cherish life.”

New Yorker Staatszeitung: “Gregorij von Leïtis, the director of the almost 60-minute opera, does not want ‘The Emperor of Atlantis’ to be understood merely as a historical-academic production: ‘For me, the modern message of the opera is quite clear. If you don’t accept death as part of your life, then you can’t really live.’ That’s why set designer Melanie Swarovski didn’t choose an authentic set, but used high fabric panels and building blocks to create a surreal and thus timeless setting.”