Gregorij von Leitis

Jailbird and Don’t Understand a Thing

2 One-Act-Plays from the cycle Visiting Hours by Felix Mitterer
Opening Night on November 29, 1989;
Elysium, New York City
with the Elysium Theater Company

Villager Downtown: “The production is simple and exquisite. […] In a space as
intimate as this, the success of the work depends on the integrity of its actors and director: In the classical tradition of the German avant garde theater of Piscator and Brecht, under the artistic direction of Gregorij von Leïtis, a socially relevant, political theater exists. By exploring the most basic element of misunderstanding and communication, in the most basic relationship of our society, that of a man and a woman, the Elysium Theater’s commitment and sincerity of purpose is clear.”